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Find anyone you need to reach out to here! Get in touch with the members of our executive board - classified by executive directors, committee leaders, and our initiative leads!

All Executive Directors


Founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer | Chief Academic Officer
Aliza Lopez

Co-Director of Outreach | Co-Chair of the Program Board
Doris Jiang

Executive Director of Human Resources | Vice President of the BoD

Vrinda Sethi

Co-Executive Graphic Designer

Angela Liu

Co-Founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer | Chief Financial Officer

Gael Gonzalez-DeLaLuz

Co-Director of Outreach | Co-Chair of the Program Board

Azam Lalani

Executive Director of Community Affairs

Sandhya Lohano

Co-Executive Graphic Designer 

Janhavi Revashetti

Executive Social Media and Marketing Director 



All Committee Leaders


Anatomy Committee Leader 

Ananya Bharathwaj

Biotechnology Committee Leader 

Nidhi Bendre

Dentistry Committee Leader 

Amulya Chowdhory

Genetics Committee Leader 
Subika Rajendiran

Neurology Committee Leader 

Suneha Rahaman

Oncology Committee Leader
Julianne Tenorio

Osteology Committee Leader | Secretary of the BoD

Ananya Lertpradist

Pediatrics Committee Leader 

Sarayu Pulipati

Surgery Committee Leader | Podcast Initiative Co-Lead
Megan Lloren

Anesthesiology Committee Leader 
Arjun Chaudhary

Cardiology Committee Leader 
Jannatul Mim

Dermatology Committee Leader 

Maesha Hossain

Immunology Committee Leader 

Eva Rosati

Obstetrics & Gynecology (OB/GYN) Committee Leader 

Naiya Patel

Optometry Committee Leader 

Nimi Patel

Pathology Committee Leader 
Jonathan Guan

Pharmacology Committee Leader 

Joyce Chen

Trauma Committee Leader 

Vidhi Bar

All Initiative Leads


Co-Director of Mentorship

Aliza Lopez

Newsletter Initiative Lead

Pauline Francez Gordula

The Astrocyte Initiative Co-Lead: Resources & Networking

Michelle Xu

The Astrocyte Initiative Co-Lead: Science Communication

Anushri Roy

Co-Director of Mentorship

Gael Gonzalez-DeLaLuz

Podcast Initiative Co-Lead

Alyssa Wong

The Astrocyte Initiative Co-Lead: Voices of Tomorrow

Edward Thomas

Advisory Board


Advisory Board Member | Former Director of Logistics 

Darshini Babu Ganesh

Curriculum Editorial Board Lead Chair 
Adrianna Perez

Advisory Board Member | Former Marketing Director 

Lorena Rosati

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