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In our endeavors to expand Medicine Encompassed, as well as to assist us in further promoting our organization's STEM and medical-oriented mission, we have officially partnered with the following organizations! 

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The Mentorship Project

STEM Without Boundaries

Sparking Hearts Foundation

Students in Medicine


"The Mentorship Project seeks to tackle the systemic inequities in education by democratizing mentorship by matching underprivileged high school students with undergraduate students to guide them through the college application process."


"STEM Without Boundaries is a non-profit organization committed to inspiring students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math fields. We introduce STEM through innovative ways and build interest for students through hands-on activities at programs, workshops, and events."


"Our organization focuses on donating items and creating activity kits for hospital patients in Orange County."


"Our mission is to provide a free and unique learning opportunity for students interested in the medical field. We want to help students with their passion, as there are limited medical related opportunities available due to the fact that the medical field is a noble profession that requires extensive training."

Interested in being partners with Medicine Encompassed and collaborating on potential projects? Fill out our Partnership Request Form!


We are always open to forming partnerships ​with other initiatives of all missions! If you would like to do a cross-promotional takeover on our platforms, please fill out our Takeover Request Form - you do not need to be partnered with us first!

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